11 reasons to plant used tea bags in your garden

Most of us throw the tea bags after we have finished drinking, but did you know there are many benefits derived from the tea bags? Today, we present you an article that will teach what to do with the those used tea bags, in your garden. Here they are:

Add nutrients to the soil
When we bury a tea bag, the leaves decompose and release acid and nutrients in the soil that serve as natural fertilizer.

Waste prevention
Why to contribute to the rubbish bin when we can bury the tea bag or throw it into the compost bin? The tea bags are made of organic material that will decompose completely within six months.

Throw your tea bags in your garden or burry them in the ground and discourage pests from slicing flowers and vegetables. They hate the smell!

Prevent cats from urinating on your plates
Spread the contents of a worn tea bag on the ground and prevent cats from urinating both in the garden and in the pots in the house.

Helps germination
Plant the seeds in wet tea bags, leave them in a warm and luminous place on a paper towel. Make sure the towel is wet all the time.

Accelerate the decomposition process
Soy sauce compost tea bags or compost will help the other elements in the compost bin to decompose faster.

Soil worm food
The rams will feed on the tea leaves and enrich the soil.

Helps plants to retain water
You can bury tea bags at the root of plants (flowers or vegetables) to help them retain water and grow healthier.

Prevent swallowing
Tea bags help to prevent lotions.

Helps grow indoor plants
Indoor plants prefer acidic soil. Open a tea bag and sprinkle it in pots. The pH level will decrease and the plants will receive extra nutrients and minerals.

The friend of the roses
Roses respond exceptionally well with tea leaf treatment.