7 natural ways to get rid of weeds

With spring here, it’s time to start taking care of our gardens. Although we want to get rid of the unsightly weed garden that can strangle other plants, we do not want to use chemicals.
You can keep your plants, children, and the environment safely by using natural remedies to kill the weeds in the garden. Here are eight of our favorite methods.

One cup of salt in two cups of water. Boil and boil until homogenized. Pour over the weeds. You can also put salt directly over them.

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray directly on the puddles. So you do not have to worry, just spray the roots directly or how much they can. You probably have to repeat the process several times, especially if it’s raining. Vinegar is effective, so be careful not to shake the plants in the garden.

Mix in a sprayer about 30 ml of vodka, a little dishwashing detergent and two cups of water. Make just as much solution as you need for one-time use.
Use the mixture on sunny days. Alcohol will destroy the waxy layer, protector of the plant and the sun will dry it.

Soil mulching is also a protective work that is based on the example of nature. In the forest, at the surface of the soil there is a permanent vegetal carpet, called litter.
Mulching prevents weed seeds from germinating and enriching the soil, keeping it moist.

Wet the soil and put a paper start (v / notebooks, etc.).
Wet it once and cover with mulch.
In addition to prevent the weed from growing, it also provides a wet environment that attracts soilworms. This method is especially used for trees. You also get bonus points for paper recycling.




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