How to decorate a garden in rustic style

Rustic decor is a simple way to add a traditional note to your garden. This style reminds of the grandparents gardens, represents a return to origins and fits wonderfully even in an urban garden.
To arrange a rustic garden you have to take into account several aspects, such as the available space, the materials and the plants you have at your disposal. Wood, stone and accessories from natural materials are key elements in setting up such a garden.

Rustic decorative elements
The seating area in a rustic garden has to be equipped with furniture that looks as natural as possible. Wood, strawberries, natural materials such as flax, hemp, rattan, wicker are just some of the elements that will give a rustic look to the green space around the house.
It incorporates into the decoration and traditional decorative objects: wheels or carts, a miniature barrel, wicker coats, wicker torches and wooden pots or other natural materials.

Chromatic combination for a rustic garden
Green, brown, shade shades … virtually any color you meet in nature will fit nicely into the rustic garden. Whether they are present in the vegetation you choose to plant in this space, or are integrated into the decorative elements’ coloring, these nuances will have a restful effect and will create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

Which plants fit best in a rustic garden?
There are a variety of plants that fit a rustic garden such as flowers, bushes, shrubs and trees. It opts for plants that can be left in the garden in the winter, without too much care.

In the spring, bulb plants such as hyacinths, daffodils, tulips or decorative onions are wonderful.

Perennials, roses, daisies, aster, lupine, fingers or hydrangeas will embellish your garden during the summer. For autumn-winter do not neglect plants with decorative fruit and conifers. It is worth taking care of how you plant the trees and shrubs. The calf and the bat are among the most beloved ones.
Plants of the type of marigold grow rapidly every year from the seeds that fall on the ground. Also, yolks bloom all summer and autumn and their yellow color is very optimistic.




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