How to grow a fig in your balcony

Figs are very tasty, fleshy and delicious fruits and are preferred in front of many other fruits due to the sweet and unique taste it possesses. Being a very healthy fruit, but like anything else in large quantities it harms, we will explain how to plant and grow a fig.

Figs must be planted, like most fruit trees, in late autumn periods and their stalks must be fixed to the ground at a depth of half a meter. As a space in the garden where you plant the figs, a sunny place is indicated because they need as much sun as possible to grow in optimal conditions.

If you want a fig and you do not have a yard, you can have it in pots. Roots grow very quickly, so it’s good to plant it in a pot directly proportional to the root mass rather than a larger one. You do not want to develop the mass of roots at the expense of the crown.

Transplantation will be done yearly if necessary. At maturity, a pot-sized fig will need a container of over 40l, so consider the space!!
As a substrate, it is good to use a mixture of well-rotten marshmallow or compost – 2 parts, sand and some clay or clay.

Late spring, when temperatures are constantly above 10 degrees Celsius, it’s best to get out on the terrace, balcony, and courtyard and set in a sunny place but also protected from wind.
It needs at least 8 hours of sunshine a day.
Apply a foliar fertilizer on a monthly basis. The dose is 2g / l of water or according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Watering is done once a week and in the hot days it is done daily. Be careful to remove the surplus water from the saucer / tray at the bottom of the pot, otherwise roots rot. Between two watering the soil must be moved.

Autumn the pot is moved inside, in a bright spot.
If you want to win out, you must carefully prepare the pot. It will be lined stiffly and then inserted into another larger container of wood or other insulating material. The airframe isolates just like a plant that grows out and a layer of straw is laid at the base.