10 basic tips for arranging your garden

Do you want a thriving courtyard all summer until late in the autumn? Now it’s time to arrange it. Clean up, prepare the soil, plant shrubs, plant flowers or even vegetables. If you do not know and need some ideas, here’s what’s next. If you want an explosion of color and greenery in the garden, […]

How to grow a fig in your balcony

Figs are very tasty, fleshy and delicious fruits and are preferred in front of many other fruits due to the sweet and unique taste it possesses. Being a very healthy fruit, but like anything else in large quantities it harms, we will explain how to plant and grow a fig. Figs must be planted, like […]

How to grow rosemary at home

Rosemary is a Mediterranean plant that can be easily adapted to most areas as long as it is grown in pots, so that it can be moved and protected during the winter. Rosemary is equally a decorative plant, but one of the most beneficial plants in both the kitchen, as an aromatic plant and as […]

How to grow Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley, (Convallaria majalis) are among the most loved garden flowers. A great advantage of these delicate and scented flowers is that they love shady and wet places, so you can cover areas in the garden where other flowers would not feel good at all. It grows well in the garden soil, but […]

Top 10 perennials

The perennial garden category is the rose, but also the tulip, lily and hyacinth, hydrangea, peony and gladiolus. Perennials are also the snowflakes and snowdrops. Some bloom in the first year after planting, others only in the second year of life when they reach maturity (rose, hydrangea, lily). The good part in their case is […]

How to grow Echinacea

Echinacea species originate from wildflowers on the fields in the United States and Canada, but is currently grown in Europe and some Asian areas as well as in North America. The natives use it for multiple diseases, Echinacea being an essential plant of their medicine. The Echinacea compounds were used as an antibiotic until the […]