10 basic tips for arranging your garden

Do you want a thriving courtyard all summer until late in the autumn? Now it’s time to arrange it. Clean up, prepare the soil, plant shrubs, plant flowers or even vegetables. If you do not know and need some ideas, here’s what’s next. If you want an explosion of color and greenery in the garden, […]

How to decorate a garden in rustic style

Rustic decor is a simple way to add a traditional note to your garden. This style reminds of the grandparents gardens, represents a return to origins and fits wonderfully even in an urban garden. To arrange a rustic garden you have to take into account several aspects, such as the available space, the materials and […]

7 natural ways to get rid of weeds

With spring here, it’s time to start taking care of our gardens. Although we want to get rid of the unsightly weed garden that can strangle other plants, we do not want to use chemicals. You can keep your plants, children, and the environment safely by using natural remedies to kill the weeds in the […]

Summer watering rules

These tips will help you properly water the summer flowers. The proper flower watering is the choice of accessories, but also the right program and the right amount of water for your plants. Water is essential to plants, and proper watering with a good amount of water is very important for their health and development. […]

Ideal plants for terraces and balconies

There are some plants about you can say that they are ideal plants for balconies and terraces. The selection of the ideal targets the choice of resistant varieties that do not grow very high and which bloom for longer periods of time. Here are these ideal plants for balconies and terraces. Earrings (Fucshia) have pink, […]