Tips for growing tomatoes

Choose a sunny and airy place: Plant tomatoes in locations where they will have a minimum of 10 hours of light / day. Leave enough space between plants to allow air to circulate freely.

Turn the tomato fields: Even if you do not asleep as required, at least try to avoid growing the same soil as last year. This reduces the risk of disease.

Avoid too much seedlings: When buying seedlings, especially if they are nude, avoid plants that are too developed because, having no roots sufficiently developed in relation to foliage, weeks will pass until they regrow. So choose medium sized plants with a healthy appearance.

Plant deep seedlings: When planting, place the seedlings in the ground close to the first two true leaves. Waking up buried, on the stem will soon appear roots. New roots mean a more vigorous plant and richer production.

Water abundantly, from time to time: Once a week or once every five days, in the middle of the summer, wet the tomatoes abundantly. Attention, water must reach directly on the ground, not on the leaves. Wet early in the morning, and if you cannot, in the evening after the weather has cooled down.

Remove greedy shoots: Remove greedy shoots that do not have flowers and fruits. So the sap will turn to tomatoes, which will be bigger and more beautiful.

Tutor the plants: Choose a plant tutoring formula. If you use poles, plant them even after transplanting the seedlings, to avoid rooting the roots if you fix them later.

Staggered harvest: Three weeks after planting the seedlings, plant a new batch. So, you’ll have a staggered harvest, enjoy fresh tomatoes every day until autumn.

Ripe, not stiff: Collect tomatoes when they reach optimal size and are well colored. The pulp of well-baked tomatoes gains in some varieties (for example, the “bull’s heart”) a flourish look.



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