Top 10 perennials

The perennial garden category is the rose, but also the tulip, lily and hyacinth, hydrangea, peony and gladiolus. Perennials are also the snowflakes and snowdrops. Some bloom in the first year after planting, others only in the second year of life when they reach maturity (rose, hydrangea, lily). The good part in their case is that they do not need to be replanted; the less good part is that the flowering period is usually short-lived. The solution is to combine them so that you can enjoy flowers in the garden all the time.

Here are the plants that have entered the top 10 perennials and some of their characteristics.
Veronica longifolia also called Veronica blue is a plant that grows up to 20-25 centimeters. Blooms early summer until late autumn. It supports any kind of soil, needs plenty of water and the sun full of light shade.

Echinacea is on the list of top 10 perennials that you deserve to have in the garden. Blooms in summer or early autumn. Growing high is very resistant, but it needs a rich soil and a lot of sun.
Rudbeckia fulgida is a perennial plant that deserves to be in the list of top 10 perennials for its beauty. Also called Goldsturm, the flower originates in the Czech Republic and Germany, but it is truly an American symbol. Blooms summer to late autumn. It grows up to 2 meters in height, it needs a lot of sun, but it supports any kind of soil.
Penstemon digitalis has either white or pink flowers. Blooms in summer, rising from 20 centimeters to 2 m high depending on environmental conditions. It sinks well in wet soils and adapts well either in the sun or in the shady areas.

Astilbele prefer semi-shade or full shade in moist soils rich in compost and nutrients. Flowers appear early in the spring, from the end of March, depending on the outside temperatures, and hold until the beginning of June.
Salvia, reaches a height of 25 -30 centimeters, blooms in June-July and has blue-purple flowers. It is not pretentious to the soil, but prefers sun-exposed positions. It is very beautiful and has excellent resistance to low temperatures.
Heuchera is one of the top ten plant plants in the garden and is ideal as a plant for sunny locations. The plant is remarkable by the color of the leaves that never fall. Resistant to maximum frost, prefers soil rich in humus, well-drained, sun exposure. It is unpretentious to the environment.
Coreopsis Threadleaf or eye of the face is impressive through the bright yellow. It blooms early summer, rarely reaches a maximum of 20 inches tall, supports any soil, is resistant to frost and loves sunny places and dry soil.
The Russian salvia is one of the most beautiful perennial ornamental herbs. It has flowers in purple blue, grows up to 2-4 meters, is resistant to frost and carries sunny and dry places.
Coleus or decorative nettle is one of the most popular plants for garden and pots. Decorative nettle is one of the formidable plants, admirable by the color of its leaves. Coleus looks great in planters, in suspended pots, in the garden.
Greasy grass. This plant exists in many varieties, all of which have exceptional resistance to drought and minimal care. Depending on the variety and climate, the grass greens well from the beginning of the spring to the autumn, and in summer it is filled with colorful flowers.